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MStar has renowned reputation to bring innovation to the LCD monitor industry. The company is the first IC design house to offer monitor controllers with embedded micro processors, the first to offer ultra-low active/standby power solutions, the first to offer 3D capability, support of various novel wire or wireless interfaces and for complete types and sizes of LCD panels. The MStar LCD monitor controller chipsets are very well proven in numerous design wins with first-tier monitor manufacturers worldwide. The solutions are also widely adopted in applications such as medical equipment, ultra-high resolution monitor, and professional graphics monitor.

MStar provides SoC solutions for all series of LCD monitor controllers. For entry-level models, the chipset integrates ADC/PLL and DVI/HDMI/MHL/DP receiver in the most cost-effective way, supporting panel resolution up to 4k2k (4096x2160). For advanced applications, the MStar solutions are equipped with high-speed integrated ADC/PLL, dual-link DVI, HDMI 2.0 interface, MHL3.0 interface, display port 1.2 interface for ultra-high speed (5.4Gbps) and 3D format input, and embedded overdrive to boost panel response time, PIP (Picture-In-Picture) and PBP (Picture-By-Picture) and frame rate convert. MStar also provides rich features and advanced picture quality MFM (Multi-Function-Monitor) with 3D deinterlace and 3D noise reduction. Additionally, the worldwide first solution supports MHL dual-ways communication with mobile-phone. For high-end models, MStar supports professional graphic monitor and medical monitor with state-of-the-art color technologies. To further reduce system costs, MStar integrates intelligent power management control capability which satisfies green-mode requirements, as well as micro-controllers and stereo audio output interface.


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