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MStar is the worldwide market leader in TV controller SoC, both in terms of market share and intellectual property. We offer superior solutions to the analog and digital TV products with cutting edge technologies, including:

  • Advanced picture processing engine MStarACEPRO
  • Integrated all-purpose audio/video codec including 4K2K codec support
  • Integrated front-end demodulator
  • Integrated high-performance CPU/GPU
  • Supporting complete profile of I/O connectivity
  • Integrated intelligent power management unit
  • Integrated Trusted Execution Environment

For cost sensitive customers, MStar's highly integrated solution always achieves the most competitive BOM and delivers the most advanced technology/system features.

MStar TV controller solution comes with SW driver and SDK for easy custom development. For fast time-to-market, MStar provides full or partial SW turnkey solution that significantly shortens the customer's design cycle. The SW features offered in the turnkey solution cover a wide range of different products, from extremely low-end TV models to high-end connected-TV/Smart-TV models.


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